Décembre 2017

Lancement d’une vidéo commerciale à la promotion du projet Eden THAI Chiang Mai


Octobre 2017

Première réunion de Chantier. Début des travaux à venir d’ici février 2018

Avril 2017

Après une longue évolution, le Projet Eden THAI est pret pour être commercialisé

Cartes de vœux de fêtes fin d’années

Decembre 2016

Decembre 2015

Decembre 2014

November / December 2014


Good news !! We have receiced the 5 construction permits for Bamboo, Lotus, Orchid, Fangipani & Jasmie Buildings accordingly. The Saraphi Tesabaan Office’s grant us work for 12 months. It is now time to look for fundings and partnership.


September / October 2014


Welcome! The Eden THAI office is now open and ready to serve you. With the service for Ms. Sirindhorn we have our first associate.
IMPORTANT : The Construction permit have been submitted to Tesabaan and we will know the result within the coming months.


July / August 2014


Finally !! The soil test result is out from our surveyor and result is satisfying as the ground quality is good. Our engineer and architect is now able to complete the drawings for the construction permit approval.


May / June 2014


The companies have purchased a development land in Saraphi, near Chiang Mai. In order to define the project scope, a soil test is required by specialist cadastral company in order to evaluate the quality of the ground.


March / April 2014


For the legal support of Eden THAI project, 2 companies limited have been opened : Eden thai Properties co., ltd and Saraphi Property co., ltd


January / February 2014


The project concept designed by Florian & Martin is being proofed and developped for all the tech- nical part by the Architect and Engineering firm ASANA in Chiang Mai.


More to come …